They say it's not what you know, but who you know. And you should know the AdFed.

Who We Are

We are brand builders, writers, designers, account planners, strategists, and web gurus. We are advertising agencies, billboard companies, media buyers, printers, and direct mail houses. From Grand Rapids and Muskegon, to Traverse City, and Kalamazoo, we are freelancers, students, long-time pros, and recent college graduates.


We are connected. We are your tribe. We understand you like no one else does—not even your  dog. The AdFed is six degrees of Kevin Bacon on steroids. With over 40,000 members strong nationwide, somebody always knows somebody who knows somebody—who might know Kevin Bacon. But wait, there’s more.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: You can’t Google this s#*t. Seriously.

We’ve had speakers from across the country come share their pearls of wisdom, interspersed with a few F-bombs. (Cause that’s how we roll.) Our roster has included Jason Sperling, ECD, SVP at RPA, Los Angeles CA. His national clients include Honda and Farmer's Insurance. He sends us pictures from Cannes where he picks up numerous awards. Impressive, no?

How about Anthony Atwood, Associate Creative Director, Brand + Design, Yahoo. He sent their Fantasy Football campaign through the roof.

And once a year we honor someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the local advertising industry by presenting them with the Silver Medal. Awarded each year since 1961, the roster includes local luminaries who have made the West Michigan advertising industry what it is today.